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What are Aroids?

  • Aroid is the common name for members of the Araceae family of plants.
  • The inflorescence is usually a bizarre combination of spathe and spadix, commonly known as the "flower".
  • The real flowers are small and can be found surrounding the lower portion of the spadix.
  • The flowers are pollinate by flies and beetles that are attracted to foul scents.

Find out more at our Aroids Culture Guide.

The spathe and the spadix of Amorphophallus obscurus.
Aglaonema Species
Aglaonema nebulosum
Aglaonema Cultivars
Aglaonema F001
Aglaonema F002
Aglaonema F003
Aglaonema F004
Aglaonema F005
Aglaonema F006
Aglaonema F007
Aglaonema F008
Aglaonema F009
Aglaonema F010
Aglaonema F011
Aglaonema F012
Aglaonema F013
Aglaonema F014
Aglaonema F015
Aglaonema F016
Aglaonema F017
Aglaonema F018
Aglaonema F019
Aglaonema F020
Aglaonema F021
Aglaonema F022
Aglaonema F023
Aglaonema F024
Aglaonema F025
Aglaonema F026
Aglaonema F027
Aglaonema F028
Aglaonema F029
Aglaonema F030
Aglaonema F031
Aglaonema F032
Aglaonema F033
Aglaonema F034
Aglaonema F035
Aglaonema F036
Aglaonema F037
Aglaonema F038
Aglaonema F039
Aglaonema F040
Aglaonema F041
Aglaonema F042
Aglaonema F043
Aglaonema F044
Aglaonema F045
Aglaonema F046
Aglaonema F047


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