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What are Gingers?
  • Ginger is the common name for the monocotyledonous perennial plant Zingiber officinale.
  • Zingiberaceae or the the Ginger family, is a family of flowering plants consisting of aromatic perennial herbs with creeping horizontal or tuberous rhizomes,
  • It has 52 genera and more than 1300 species, distributed throughout tropical Africa, Asia and the Americas.
  • Many species are important ornamental plants, spices, or medicinal plants.

Find out more at our Gingers Culture Guide.

The flower bract with a single flower of
Zingiber spectabile
Etlingera brevilabrum (Malaysia)
Endemic to Borneo, growing in dense forest on riverbanks in limestone, sandy rich clay soil. It produces purple-magenta blotches on young leaves and shoots.
Etlingera elatior (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)
A widely distributed species commonly grown for its edible flower buds, often used as spice to flavor food. It is common in exposed habitats and grows near rivers. Flowers are huge are extremely beautiful.
Etlingera elatior "Red Leaves" (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)
The origins of this cultivar remains unclear, it is highly likely to have came from Thailand. The underside of the leaves are deep red in color, widely used for landscaping gardens.
Etlingera venusta (Thailand, Malaysia)
Another beautiful species found in exposed slopes of lowland to montane rainforest in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It produces huge attractive rose-like bracts with small flowers emerging to attract pollinators such as birds. It was seen blooming in Feburary.
Etlingera megalocheilos (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)
Often found in open areas such as abandoned plantations, gardens or places near rivers or streams. Their fruits are edible and often eaten by mouse deer.
Etlingera nasuta (Malaysia)
Endemic to Borneo, growing in diverse habitats and more common in disturbed vegetation. Occurs in lowland to 1220m.
Globba globulifera
Globba leucantha (Malaysia)
This is a lowland species that occurs from state of Johor to the state of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia. They are rather tall within the genus, growing to about 2 - 3 feet tall. Carrying long string for fruits and white flowers. They occur is shady places or near exposed trails where humidity is high.
Globba patens (Malaysia, Thailand)
This beautiful species grows to about 12" to 15" tall, often suspending bunches of yellow bracts and flowers. It requies high humidity to grow well and when humidity is low the leaves will curl up slightly.
Globba pendula (Malaysia)
This species grows in shaded montane forest along exposed areas where they receive a few hours of direct light daily. They grow to about 3ft tall and produce a string of light-yellow flowers.
Globba unifolia (Malaysia)
A small species found in lowland rainforest of Malaysia in the state of Johor. They grow to about 5 - 7 inches tall, with bright orange-red flowers and red bracts. Leaves are dark green and velverty with a purplish-red underside.
Globba winitii (Thailand)
A popular and widely grown ginger that is endemic to Thailand. It has deep purple reflexed bracts with bright yellow flowers.
Globba sp (Malaysia)
A beautify species that have leaves decorated silver leaves. It grows along slopes and on forest ground among leaf litter in bright exposed environment.
Hedychium coronarium (India)
Widely cultivated for its fragrance and beautiful white flowers. A popular landscape plant that can be exposed to bright light but best given some shade.
Hedychium longicornutum (Malaysia)
A rare epiphytic ginger that grows on trees of lowland forest. They are found in part-shaded forest with their thick succulent roots wrapped around tree branches and often trapping leaf-litter and nutrients.
Kaempferia galanga (China, Cambodia, India)
A species found in open areas of China, Taiwan, Cambodia and India. Widely cultivated for their medicinal properties and aromatic favors for food. It produces broad to sub-orbicular leaves that presses down on the soil.
Kaempferia gilbertii 'Varigated'
Kaempferia hieroglyphica (Thailand)

Kaempferia laotica (Laos)
A beautiful miniature species native to Laos that produces silvery light green leaves mottled with darker green patterns.Leaves grow to about 5 - 6 cm in diameter. Flowers are bright pink measuring about 2 - 3 cm. Kaempferia species native to Laos are seasonal. Their rounded leaves emerge during the wet months between May till October. Leaves starts to turn yellow and fade away during the dry months between November till April. Nutrients will be stored in the rhizome and roots while being dormant.

Cultivation Tips: Best grown in a warm tropical humidity environment between temperatures of 20-30 degree Celsius. Prefers rich, well-drained, slightly acidic soil such as peat mixed with pumice and perlite. While with leaves, they can be exposed to bright to almost direct sunlight. Reduce water when leaves starts to turn yellow and fade away and keep moderately dry while dormant. Begin water them when growth tip starts to sprout in May.

Kaempferia marginata (Thailand)
This It produces broad to sub-orbicular leaves that presses down on the soil.
Kaempferia marginata "Metalica" (Thailand)
Kaempferia pulchra (Thailand)
Kaempferia pulchra (Thailand)
Kaempferia roscoeana (Thailand)
It produces broad to sub-orbicular leaves that presses down on the soil.
Kaempferia rotunda (South East Asia)
Kaempferia aff. larsenii (Thailand)
Kaempferia aff. roscoeana 'Patterned Plate' (Thailand)
It produces broad to sub-orbicular leaves that presses down on the soil.
Kaempferia aff. roscoeana (Thailand)
Kaempferia aff. sisaketensis (Thailand)
Kaempferia sp 'Silver Stripes' (Thailand)
Kaempferia sp "Red line" (Thailand)
Kaempferia sp (Thailand)
Kaempferia sp. "Velvety" (Thailand)
A beautiful ground hugging species native to North Thailand and Laos that produces random colored leaves ranging from all green to near black or dark brown and randomly moltted with darker brown patterns. Each leaf grows to about 5 - 6 inchs in diameter. Flowers are white with some yellow, measuring about 3 cm. Most Kaempferia Species native to Northern Thailand and Laos are seasonal plants. Their rounded leaves emerges during the wet months from May till October. They can be exposed to bright to almost direct sunlight. During the dry months from November till April, their leaves will turn yellow and dry up leaving the rhizome and roots stored with nutrients. They should be kept moderately dry while during dormancy. Water them when green tip starts to sprout form the rhizome in May. They prefer well draining media, a mix of peat, perlite and small pebbles.
Kaempferia sp "Silver Peacock" (Thailand)
Kaempferia sp (Thailand)
Kaempferia sp (Thailand)
Scaphochlamys biloba (Malaysia)
Scaphochlamys kunstleri (Malaysia)
Scaphochlamys kunstleri Var. 'Kunstleri' (Malaysia)

Scaphochlamys kunstleri Var. 'Kunstleri' (Malaysia)
This scaphochlamys have greenish yellow bracts.

Scaphochlamys kunstleri Var. 'Rubra' (Malaysia)
Scaphochlamys kunstleri Var. 'Speciosa' (Malaysia)
Scaphochlamys minutiflora (Thailand)
Scaphochlamys reticosa (Malaysia)
A dwarf species only about 6" - 7" tall with heavily textured leaves.
Scaphochlamys sp (Malaysia)
Scaphochlamys lanceolata (Malaysia)
Zingiber malaysianum (Malaysia)
Zingiber ottensii (Singapore)
Zingiber spectabile (Malaysia)
Zingiber zerumbet 'Varigated' (Singapore, Malaysia)
Zingiber argenteum "Silver Leaves"(Malaysia)
This is a dwarf species that grows in the tropical humid rainforest of Malaysia. It grows to about 15" tall with broad rounded leaves covered with a layer of silvery pigments. They prefer shaded conditions to present the best coloration of their leaves. Flower bracts are dark pink.
Other Ginger Species
Boesenbergia variegata (Malaysia)
Burbidgea nitida (Malaysia, Borneo)
Camptandra sp (Malaysia)
Cornukaempferia aurantiflora (Thailand)
Cornukaempferia longipetiolata (Thailand)
Costus speciosus (Malaysia)
Curcuma aeruginosa (Thailand)
Curcuma larsenii (Thailand)
Curcuma rhabdota (Thailand)
Curcuma sp (Thailand)
Curcuma sp (Thailand)
Curcuma sp (Thailand)
Curcuma sp (Thailand)
Hornstedtia scyphifera (Singapore, Malaysia)
Stahlianthus sp (Thailand)
Zingiber sp (Thailand)


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