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What are coelogyne?
  • Coelogyne is a genus of over 200 sympodial epiphytes from the family Orchidaceae,
  • The scientific name is derived from the Greek words koilos (hollow) and gyne (woman), referring to the concave stigma.
  • Distributed across India, China, Indonesia and the Fiji islands, with the main centers in Borneo, Sumatra and the Himalayas.
  • They can be found from tropical lowland forests to montane rainforests.

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The flower of
Coelogyne pandurata.
Coelogyne Species
Coelogyne asperata (Malaysia)
Coelogyne bilamellata (Philippines, Indonesia)
Coelogyne brachyptera (Thailand)
Coelogyne corymbosa
Coelogyne cristata

OR 012
Coelogyne dayana
Coelogyne fimbriata (Indo China, Nepal, Thailand, Vietanum, Laos)
Coelogyne fragrans
Coelogyne lawrenceana
Coelogyne mayeriana
The flowes of this species is often mistaken with Coel. pandurata. This species has a distinct pear-shaped pseudobulb whereas pandurata has a flatten-egg shaped one. This species also has long rhizome of 8-10 cm.
Coelogyne multiflora
Coelogyne pandurata
Coelogyne remediosae (Philippines)
Coelogyne rochussenii
This widespread species are found in Thailand, Sulawesi Philippines & P.Malaysia. They are usually found in low altitude forest but had been recorded of plants at 1500 m.
Coelogyne schilleriana (Thailand)
Coelogyne septemcostata
Coelogyne sparsa (Philippines)
This is a miniature species that occurs in the philippines. It requies cooler conditions to grow and flower well.
Coelogyne speciosa
Coelogyne tommii
Coelogyne trinervis
This species are found in Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand and Northern P.Malaysia. Always produce 6-7 flowers when new pseudobulb forms. They will flower freely when given proper conditions.
Coelogyne usitana (Philippines)
Coelogyne xyrekes (Malaysia, Thailand)
Coelogyne viscosa
Unidentified Coelogyne Species
Coelogyne sp "OR 0143"
Coelogyne sp "OR 0144"
Coelogyne sp "OR 0145"


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