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What are Dendrobiums?
  • Dendrobium is a large genus of tropical orchids that consists of about 1200 species.
  • The name is from the Greek dendron (meaning tree) and bios (meaning life).
  • The genus occurs in diverse habitats throughout much of south, east and southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Borneo, Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand.
  • The species are either epiphytic, growing on a tree, or occasionally lithophytic, growing over a rock.

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The flower of Dendrobium unicum.
Dendrobium Species: A - E | F - K | L - P | Q - Z
Dendrobium Species A to E
Dendrobium acerosum (South East Asia)
Dendrobium acerosum "Alba" (South East Asia)
Dendrobium acinaciforme (Malaysia)
Dendrobium affine (Indonesia)
Dendrobium alexandrae (Papua New Guinea)
Dendrobium aloefolium (South East Asia)
A widespread, lowland species that occurs in small clumps around bright areas of trees. They grow well in warm conditions and in well draining pots or slabs. Flowers are not attractive but the leaves make it an adorable species.
Dendrobium amboinensis (Indonesia)
This is an amazing species with probabily the largest measured single flower within its genus. The flowers does not last very long and produces a faint fragrance.
Dendrobium amethystoglossum (Philippines)
This species is endemic to mountains of benguet and grows at elevations of 1000meters. This is a tall species that can reach 1m in height and produces a cluster of 20 flowers each 3cm in diameter.
Dendrobium anosmum(South East Asia)
This species has a wide distribution, usually found at elevations from 200m to 1000m. They are variable in flower sizes and color. The leafless stems can bear up to 3 flowers each measuing 7.5cm across.
Dendrobium anosmum "Semi-alba" (South East Asia)
The picture shows the semi albino form of this species with all white sepals and petals with a contrasting purple colored lip.
Dendrobium anosmum "Alba " (South East Asia)
The picture shows the albino form of this species.
Dendrobium anosmum Var. huttonii (Philippines)
The picture shows the semi albino form of this species with all white sepals and petals with a light pink colored lip.
Dendrobium antennatum (Papua and New Guinea)
This species is widespread throughout P.N.G and can be found on mainland, costal & island regions at elevations up to 600m. It can grow up to 40cm high bearing 4-10 scented flowers each measuring 3cm to 7cm.
Dendrobium aphyllum (Thailand, Malaysia)
Dendrobium archipelagense (Papua and New Guinea)
A beautiful species that occurs along costal areas of P.N.G. growing on coconut and mature trees to receive bright sunlight. It grows to about 15 to 20cm tall and produces 5 apple-green flowers about 7cm tall.
Dendrobium arcuatum (Indonesia)
Dendrobium atroviolaceum (Papua and New Guinea) 
Dendrobium auriculatum (Philippines)
Dendrobium ayubii (Indonesia)
Dendrobium bellatulum (Thailand, China)
Dendrobium bicaudatum
Dendrobium bicaudatum "Yellow"
Dendrobium bifalce (Australia, Papua and New Guinea)
Dendrobium bigibbum "Alba" (Indonesia)
Dendrobium bifarium (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand)
This is a widely distributed evergreen species that grows from lowland elevations to 1800m. The stems can grow to 30cm long and bears solitary flowers measuring 1.2cm across.
Dendrobium bracteosum "White" (Indonesia)
Dendrobium bracteosum "Pink" (Indonesia)
Dendrobium bracteosum Var. tannii "Pink" (Indonesia)
Dendrobium brinchangense
Dendrobium bullenianum "Striped" (Endemic to philippines)
This species is only found at Camarines Sur, Isabela and Quezon on Luzon. It grows at elevations of 300m. The stems can reach 1m tall bearing a many cluster of flowers. Each cluster has 25 flowers each measuring 1.5cm.
Dendrobium bullenianum "Non striped" (Endemic to philippines)
An interesting form of bullenianum that has bright yellow sepals but does not contain any stripes.
Dendrobium capillipes (Thailand)
Dendrobium capra (Indonesia)
Dendrobium capituliflorum (Indonesia)
Dendrobium cariniferum (Thailand, China)
Dendrobium ceraula(Philippines)
Dendrobium cerinum (Philippines)
This epiphytic species is endemic to philippines, found in Rizal on Luzon at about 800 meters.
Dendrobium christyanum
Dendrobium chrysotoxum (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar)
Dendrobium ciliatum
Dendrobium cinereum
Dendrobium cinnabarinum
Dendrobium cochliodes "Dark" (Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya)
Dendrobium cochliodes "Green" (Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya)
Dendrobium conanthum (Papua and New Guinea)
This species can be found throughout the lowland and wetlands of Sepik Province, often growing in bright places on trees along rivers and in swamp areas. It has straight slender canes that reaches 2m in height bearing up to 30 bright golden
color flowers, each measuring 4cm.
Dendrobium consanguineum
Dendrobium convolutum
Dendrobium crepidatum (Thailand, China)
Dendrobium crepidatum "Alba" (Thailand, China)
Dendrobium cretaceum
Dendrobium crocatum (Malaysia)
Dendrobium cruentum (Thailand)
Dendrobium crystallinum
Dendrobium cymboglossum
Dendrobium cumulatum (Indo-China, Borneo, Nepal)
This species occurs in lower montane forest at elevations of 300 to 1500 meters, it grows as an epiphyte often hanging down from trees.
Dendrobium cuthbertsonii (Papua New Guinea)
Dendrobium aff. cuticulimentum (Papua New Guinea)
Dendrobium dearei (Philippines)
This species grows at an elevation of 500m and they are almost extinct in native habitat due to over-collection and illegal logging. It can grow to 90cm in height bearing clusters of 10 white flowers each 5cm in diameter.
Dendrobium dearei "Sabah" (Malaysia)
This photo shows the sabah form of Dendrobium dearei that looks very different from the typical dearei from philippines.
Dendrobium dearei Var. luzonicum(Philippines)
Dendrobium delacourii (Thailand)
Dendrobium derryi
  A flowering size plant with 3 - 5 stems about 4 - 6" tall.
20 USD
Dendrobium draconis (Thailand, China)
A flowering size plant with 4 - 5 stems about 8 - 12" tall.
18 USD
Dendrobium discolor (Australia, Papua New Guinea)
This species occurs at costal areas of PNG at elevations up to 550m. Plant height is variable and with an average 2m tall. It can bear up to 30 golden yellow flowers each measuring 4 - 6cm wide. Scented flowers.
Dendrobium discolor "Mini Curl" (Australia, Papua New Guinea)
.This is a dwarf miniature form of this tall species.
Dendrobium discolor "Green" (Papua New Guinea)
This is a greenish-yellow variety of Den. discolor.
Dendrobium distichum (Thailand)
Dendrobium dixanthum
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum

Dendrobium eurosum
Dendrobium eurosum var. album
Dendrobium Species: A - E | F - K | L - P | Q - Z


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