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Other Plants
Other amazing plants
  • This page is dedicated to the remaining interesting botanical found in the tropical rainforest or Asia.

The lovely flowers of Ridleyandra species.
 Aeschynanthus longiflorus
Aeschynanthus longicaulis "Molted leaves"
This epiphyte can be rown in lowland conditions and flowers rather freely. The leaves are around 10cm by 6cm and the underside is red.
Aeschynanthus longicaulis
Aeschynanthus aff. rhododendron (Malaysia)
This species occurs in the highland montane forrest of Pahang, growing like a huge climber often climbing up trees. It has huge flowers, about 3" tall and 1" wide .
Aeschynanthus tricolor
This species occurs in forest of Sarawak, Malaysia. Their leaves are rounded and covered with short hairs. Flowers are red with striking black stripes.
Aeschynanthus sp "Mini Leaves"
A common species found in West Malaysia, usually dangling over trees in the forest. Easy to grow and flowers when given sufficient light.
Aeschynanthus sp "Dark smooch"(Philippines)
This species
Aeschynanthus sp "Laos" (Laos)
Aeschynanthus sp
A small species found in high altitude forest of Pahang Malaysia. Their leaves are ahort and succulent. They are often found growing with orchids and ferns.
Dischidia astephana
Dischidia bengalensis
Dischidia cochleata
Dischidia hirsuta
Dischidia imbricata (Malaysia)
Dischidia imbricata "Borneo Brown " (Malaysia)
Dischidia nummularia
Dischidia ovata
Dischidia pectinoides
Dischidia sp.
Dischidia sp.
Dischidia sp.
Dischidia sp.
Ficus deltoidea
Ficus deltoidea
Ficus deltoidea
Ficus elastica "Dark Leaves"
Ficus elastica "Varigated"
Ficus triangularis "Varigated" (Malaysia)
Ficus villosa
Ficus sp
Huperzia carinata
This species is sometimes known as the shoe lace lycopodium.
Huperzia cernua
This small species occurs mostly in exposed places of disturbed forest. They grow on forest grounds and on slopes along trails or roads.
Huperzia goebelii
One of the rarest and most beautiful lycopodium species. It produces long strends of greenish-blue leaves. It is sometimes confused with Lycopodium phyllantha.
Huperzia nummularifolium
A species has rounded leaves. Like most lycopodiums it is easy to grow with proper water and humidity. Do keep them under shades.
Huperzia phlegmaria
This species is commonly found as compared to the rest of the species. It can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other parts of the world.
Huperzia goebelii
A rare lycopodium species with amazing pendulous silver-blue strands of leaves that can reach 2 meters in or more. It is easy to grow so long there is sufficient water and humidity.
Huperzia tetrasticha
This is an interesting species with strends of leaves arranged to form 4 equal straight faces, resulting in a square cross section.
Asterogyne martiana
Asterogyne martiana
Pinanga crassipes
Cyrtostachys renda
Iguanura elegans
Johannesteijsmannia altifrons
Johannesteijsmannia lanceolata
Johannesteijsmannia magnifica
Livistona endauensis

Licuala mattanensis 'Mapu' (Borneo, Sarawak & Kalimantan)
A rare species native to the island of Borneo, found growing in deep shaded forests of Sarawak and Kalimantan. This variety has beautiful leaves mottled with striking lime green patches on dark green leaves. It is a slow growing species and old plants can g
row to a slender trunk that reach up to 3 meters tall.

Cultivation Tips: Best grown in a warm tropical humidity environment between temperatures of 20-30 degree Celsius. Prefers rich, well-drained, slightly acidic soil such as peat mixed with pumice and perlite.

Licuala bintuluensis
Licuala cordata
Licuala cordata
Licuala ferruginea
Licuala grandis
Licuala grandis "Varigated"
Licuala lauterbachii
Licuala orbicularis
Licuala peltata
Licuala peltata Var. sumawongii
Licuala petiolulata
Licuala radula
Licuala spinosa
Raphis excelsa "Varigated"
Sommieria elegans
Tacca integrifolia "White Rajah"
This is a magnificent species that produces inflorescences capable of reaching 4 feet in height. The bracts hovering over the flowers are white in color and with purplish-blue whisker-like, filiform, bracts. This species occurs in shaded tropical rainforest from sea level to up to 1400 meters.
Tacca integrifolia "Rubra"
A rare form of the species that produces reddish-pink bracts. This form occurs in the understory of warm tropical forest.
Tacca chantrieri
Tacca palmata
Tillandsia aeranthos
Tillandsia albida
Tillandsia andreana
Tillandsia (andreana x funckia)
Tillandsia bergeri
Tillandsia bulbosa
Tillandsia butzii
Tillandsia capitata
Tillandsia caulescens
Tillandsia concolor
Tillandsia duratii
Tillandsia dyeriana
Tillandsia funckiana
Tillandsia intermedia
Tillandsia ionantha
Tillandsia ionantha "Peach"
Tillandsia ionantha "Peanut"
Tillandsia ionantha "Van-hyningii
Tillandsia juncea
Tillandsia reichenbachii
Tillandsia stricta
Tillandsia veluntina
Tillandsia Best In Class
Selaginella wildenowii
This species is from Malaysia. It can be found along banks of streams and in forest where there are more light. They are rather tall species and can reach about 4ft in height.
Selaginella erythropus
One of the most beautiful selaginella species, it produces reddish young leaves and when mature, it turns slighly bluish-green. They don't grow tall too.
Selaginella sp "Blue Strends"
The origin of this species is yet known but is produces iridescent blue foliage just similar to S.wildenowii. It has smaller leaves and produces longer rhizomes when grown hanging.
Selaginella sp
Selaginella sp
Selaginella sp
Selaginella sp
Ceropegia sp "Grass"(Malaysia)
Codiaeum variegatum (Malaysia)
Codiaeum variegatum (Malaysia)
Clitoria ternatea (Malaysia)
Cyrtandra sp (Malaysia)
Dorstenia sp (Malaysia)
Ficus sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp "Glossy Leaf" (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp "Glossy Leaf" (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Hencklia sp (Malaysia)
Henckelia puncticulata (Malaysia)
Huperzia squarrosa
This fern, also know as the Rock Tassel Fern originates from the tropical forest. They are found growing on trees with their lovely green fur-like leaves dangling downwards.
Huperzia sp "Mini Squarrosa"
Impatiens mirabillis
Impatiens sp.
Impatiens oncidioides
This striking yellow Impatiens is found in West Malaysia within Pahang State. They are found in cool and dark areas where humidity is high.
Ipomoea violacea
Lecanopteris carnosa
Lecanopteris luzonica
Manilkara zapota
Monophyllea sp 'Sarawak'
Monophyllea sp 'Sarawak'
Mucuna novaeguinea
Mymercodia tuberosa
Myrmecodia pendans
 Myrmecodia sp
Pandanus sp
Pachycentria glauca
Psidium guajava "Red leaves"
Rhododendron malayanum
Rhododendron sp
Rhododendron sp
Rhododendron sp
Ridleyandra quercifolia
Ridleyandra sp.
Sphagnum magellanicum
Strongylodon macrobotrys
Unknown Species "Varigated"



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